Four Must Before a Long Flight

If you don’t take long-haul flights very often, you have to be prepared for the interminable hours aloft, the sketchy choice of seats, choosing an airline you know nothing about, wondering if and how well you will be fed,what kind of service you will get and more.
To help you keep long-haul flying from becoming long-suffering, here are Four Must Before a Long Flight to consider before booking your next big  flight.

Four Must Before a Long Flight

1. Watch out the connections.
Sometimes you scan’t get a single lengthy flight, so you will have to choose a connecting flight. On long-haul travel in particular, where you will in many cases make your connection on foreign soil, transferring to another flight can be an arduous endeavor. and it can involve clearing customs, picking up luggage, moving to a different terminal, rechecking bags, clearing security again and this can take hours.
Check if the connection give you enough time to get off the plane, collect your bags, go through security and get to your new gate.


2. Choose your airline wisely.
Choosing an airline make me think abut: Comfort ans Food. If you travel with kids, entertainment is another point to think.
About food, almost all long-haul flights include a sensible frequency of meals. If you are a picky eater, however, you will want to do some research on the meal offerings of your various airline options. Almost all airlines have this information on their Web sites.
Also, plan to pack some food that you would eat during a normal day at home or work ,so if you eat a handful of gorp every morning to get you through to lunch, plan on having some when you fly.

About comfort get the best seat: is a long fly, so think about going to the bathroom a few times, as well think about a place you can stretch one’s legs and walk.A recommendation is to choose an aisle seat.


3. Choose your travel clothing.
Most people choose comfortable clothes when flying, but it isn’t uncommon to see men in stiff business suits and women in high heels wobbling onto planes. When it comes to a long-haul flight, these choices become critical when you remember that you will likely want to do the following:
– Fall asleep. Choose clothes that are forgiving of slumping in your seat, “rolling over” without clinging or potentially even lying across a couple of seats if available.
– Take off your shoes. Go for footwear that can be easily slipped off and back on again, all without having to strain to reach under the seat in front of you.
– Walk around. Pick shoes that are very comfortable, and easy to balance in if you hit some turbulence.
– Stretch. Choose clothes that move with you.

4. Take your ipod,tablet or smarthphone.
Apps will help you in your long-haul flights (you can take easly music, books,movies and games you like) and as well it will help you in your destination (maps,translators,and travel sites, especially if you are visiting a place you dont know the language).


What’s do you think about this Survive a Long Flight tips?Now are you ready to book your flight?